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FreeGo® Pump -

FreeGo® Pump

Abbott Nutrition's enteral feeding pump is designed to meet the needs of patients in the hospital or in the community setting.

Abbott Nutrition's FreeGo pump is easy to use and comes with clear instructions. They are currently loaned free of charge to patients using Abbott feeds and they are fully serviced by us.

If there is a problem with a feeding pump or a replacement pump is required, please contact our Hospital to Home service on 1800 22 11 66 or 01 469 1549.

Patients should register their pumps with Hospital to Home to ensure out of hours service.

The FreeGo® pump is a safe, simple and easy to use pump that provides for accurate, controlled enteral feeding in a user-friendly operating system.

Suitable for adults and children, the FreeGo® pump is small and lightweight for portable and bedside use.


  • Small and lightweight for portable and bedside use
  • Easy to set feeding rate of 1-400ml/hour in 1 ml increments to allow greater flexibility
  • Accuracy to ± 5% to meet the needs of even the most volume sensitive patients
  • Free flow protection with the AccuSafe™ safety feature helps to prevent free flow of feed
  • Audio alarm and LCD display alerts the user to changes with the feeding function
  • Large, intuitive dial for patients with limited dexterity
  • Large, highly legible LCD visual display screen
  • Provides a keypad lockout facility for increased security
  • Extensive audio and visual alarms
  • Feed history memory function provide consistency in feeding regime
  • Pump automatically primes the giving set at the touch of a button
  • Easy to handle with single handed loading
  • System self check upon pump start up
  • There are no routine calibrations, adjustments, or service required as pumps are self calibrating
  • User friendly operating controls and simple set up
  • Water resistant allows you to clean with ease. The pump can be easily wiped clean or rinsed under running water
  • 24-battery life (at 125ml/hr) and recharges within 6 hours
  • Programmable “hold” timer for 1-90 minutes allowing you to connect a new feed container or correct an alarm condition
  • Power and battery operation
  • Use with FreeGo® pump giving sets
  • Power adapter and pole clamp supplied with the pump
  • Easy to carry with portable backpacks allowing the patient freedom to move whilst feeding
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