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The essential elements of nutrition care programme

The “Essential Elements of Nutrition Care” programme is a patient focused, pioneering educational programme, designed by Abbott Nutrition. Since its inception in 2006, Abbott Nutrition has worked with many Nursing Homes to achieve nutritional excellence in the management of older persons in the residential care setting. This programme is in line with “Best Practices” and Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) guidelines. The“Essential Elements of Nutrition Care” programme includes:

  • CPD-Soilsiú - a wide range of endorsed e-learning modules for catering staff, carers, nursing staff and management are available through this website . These modules aim to improve knowledge of common nutritional issues among nursing home residents.
  • Menu planning - The day to day provision of a nourishing diet to care home residents can be a challenging task, taking into account the varying dietary needs of individual residents. A comprehensive tool outlines the varying special diets that may be prescribed. The tool gives practical advice on how to prepare and plan menus to meet the requirements of residents.
  • Menu analysis - Our menu analysis service has been developed to ensure compliance with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland standards for nutritional adequacy and the National Quality Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People in Ireland.
  • Diet sheets - a comprehensive nutrition tool kit for the Dietitian to provide individualised plans for the patients
  • Nutritional Screening - Nutritional screening using a validated tool
  • Dietetic assessment and recommendations- dietetic review by independent practising clinical dietitians

If you would like to join our programme, please contact us on 1800 411 411

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