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As a worldwide leader in nutrition science, research and development, Abbott Nutrition is committed to increasing the awareness of the critical role nutrition plays in improving patient outcomes.

Alliance to Advance Patient Nutrition

The Alliance to Advance Patient Nutrition is concerned that 1 in 3 patients enters the hospital malnourished.1-3 This can lead to poor patient outcomes, hospital-acquired conditions and longer lengths of stay.4
Launched in 2013, the Alliance is comprised of leaders from The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, The Society of Hospital Medicine and Abbott Nutrition.

The Alliance provides resources for clinicians to learn more such as an evidence library, accredited education, fact sheets and condition-specific information. Clinicians can take action by downloading the Alliance Nutrition Care Model and Toolkit , which is filled with practical resources that offer evidence-based nutrition support for improving patient outcomes and preventing avoidable readmissions.
Learn more at Malnutrition.com.

*Readmission defined as return to a study hospital for any diagnosis. Data measured delayed readmission and do not include patients not readmitted due to recovery or death.


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