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To doctors and medical professionals treating patients every day, we see you on the front lines, going above and beyond to ensure continued best of care for patients.

Abbott recognises that we have a considerable responsibility to continue to provide vital specialised nutrition and services to support you and your patients.

Please find below, links to information on our efforts to-date in responding to the COVID-19 outbreak. Whether you’re a patient, carer, healthcare professional or just want to learn about the efforts Abbott are making, here’s where you’ll find useful information and practical advice.

Taking care of people
We are taking every measure to protect the health and safety of our employees and their families:

  • We are providing protective measures for all employees who are working on the front lines of manufacturing, supply chain and in direct medical care. All other staff are working from home, and will continue to do so as aligned with UK Government guidance.
  • We have suspended all non-essential face-to-face visits to hospital and healthcare facilities, and will continue to do as aligned with UK Government guidance.
  • All representatives are still be available and working remotely to support our healthcare professional partners with any questions and queries (click here for contact details).

Ensuring the supply of products and equipment
We are committed to doing everything possible to respond quickly to changes in product demands and supply. For information on how we are managing tube feeding patients in the hospital setting, please read the following notice for HCPs (click here).

  • We are dedicated to ensuring continuity of product supply including increasing demands on adult specialised nutritional products which are supporting patients with COVID-19 in critical care and in recovery. For more information on our products which are Foods for Special Medical Purposes, please contact your Abbott representative.
    o Ensure Plus Advance 
    o Osmolite HP 
    o Jevity Plus HP 
    o Vital 1.5kcal
  • For information on Ensure NutriVigor, which is a powdered nutritional shake, please click here 

Our staff are taking every action necessary to maintain the consistent supply of Similac products:

  • We are closely monitoring COVID-19 in our UK business operations and working with local teams and relevant authorities as the situation evolves.
  • Our international Similac manufacturing facilities remain open, fully staffed, and operational to continue to provide the highest quality and continued supply of Similac products.
  • We have increased our stocks of Similac products held in the UK to reduce any impacts in supply chain disruption.
  • We are working closely with retailers to ensure that stock levels of Similac products are maintained where ever possible.
  • Our range of standard infant formulas are now available through a number of online retailers to enable parents to receive Similac direct to their door.
    o Abbott UK Store
    o Amazon UK Store
  • More information on our standard infant formulas can be found on our main Similac website.
    o FAQ's

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