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Similac Alimentum - Unflavoured

Similac Alimentum

Similac Alimentum is a powdered, extensively hydrolysed (EH) infant formula for the dietary management of mild-to-moderate cow’s milk allergy or other conditions where an EH infant formula is recommended. Similac Alimentum is suitable from birth onwards. For older infants and for children, Similac Alimentum can be fed from a cup or mixed with cereal or other solid foods, as advised by a healthcare professional.

Similac Alimentum is available in a 400 g tin.

Important notice:

Breastfeeding is best for babies, and is recommended for as long as possible during infancy. Similac Alimentum is a Food for Special Medical Purposes and should be used under the supervision of a healthcare professional.


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Similac Alimentum 400 g tin unflavoured


Product Name Suitable for Kosher diets Suitable for Halal diets Suitable for vegetarians Clinically lactose-free Gluten free
Similac Alimentum x x x


  • Thoroughly wash and rinse all equipment to be used in preparing the feed. Sterilise all utensils according to manufacturers’ instructions or boil for 10 minutes.
  • Boil fresh tap water (not bottled water) and allow to cool for no more than 30 minutes. Do not use artificially softened water or repeatedly boiled water.
  • Wash your hands and clean the surface you are going to use.
  • Pour the correct amount of warm, previously boiled water into the sterilised feeding bottle.
  • Fill the scoop with Similac Alimentum powder, levelling with the back of a clean, dry, knife. Do not pack down in scoop.
  • Add one scoop of Similac Alimentum to each 30 ml of water. Only use the scoop provided. A level scoop contains 4.2 g powder.
  • Place lid on bottle and shake gently until completely dissolved.
  • Fit a sterilised teat on bottle and test the temperature (drops of formula should feel lukewarm on the inside of your wrist). If necessary, add cap and cool by holding under cold running water.
  • Discard prepared formula left in the bottle or cup within one hour after feeding begins.


Similac Alimentum is a Food for special medical purposes, for use under medical supervision.

  • Per 100 g powder
  • Per 100 ml
  • Nutrition information
  • Energy
  • kJ
  • 2196
  • 283
  • kcal
  • 525
  • 67.6
  • Protein
  • g
  • 14.4
  • 1.86
Protein source: extensively hydrolysed casein


Similac Alimentum datasheet (PDF, 267 KB)
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