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This information has been developed specifically to support patients registered on the Hospital2Home service.

Hospital2Home is Abbott’s homecare service, devoted to easing your transition from hospital to your home. Your support team will include an Abbott Nurse Advisor and a dedicated Hospital2Home Co-ordinator. Together, they will:

  • Ensure that you are confident about your feeding routine
  • Offer you or your career training on how to use the feeding equipment
  • Arrange for the delivery of your feeding equipment and feed (if you have chosen to use us to provide your feed) to your home at a time which suits you
  • Answer any queries you may have
  • Tailor the service depending on your needs

How does Hospital2Home work?

Before you leave hospital, your healthcare professional will:

  • Register you with Hospital2Home (please let your healthcare professional know whether you would prefer Hospital2Home to contact you by phone, text or email)
  • Contact your GP to inform him/her about your prescription (if you have given permission for us to contact your GP and we are supplying your feed)

You will usually be discharged from hospital with a week’s supply of feed and necessary equipment. Your Abbott Nurse Advisor will make sure that you or your carer are properly trained in how to set up your feed and use your equipment before you are discharged.

Your first week

Stage 1:

An Abbott Nurse Advisor will complete your training and ensure that you can use your feeding equipment with confidence

You will usually arrive home with a seven day supply of feed and necessary equipment

Stage 2 – by day 3:

Your dedicated Hospital2Home Co-ordinator will contact you and answer any questions you may have, and arrange the delivery of your next supply of feed at a time and place that's convenient for you (if you prefer, your local chemist can dispense your feed)

Should you or your carer need further support, the Hospital2Home Co-ordinator will liaise with your healthcare professional and your Abbott Nurse Advisor to request it

You will be sent a detailed welcome pack containing useful guidance

Stage 3 – by day 5–7:

Your Hospital2Home Co-ordinator will contact you after you have received your delivery of feed to check that everything is okay and answer any queries you may have

Ongoing support

You will continue to receive specialist support from your dedicated Abbott Nurse Advisor and your Hospital2Home Co-ordinator will contact you/your carer every month to:
  • Check your supplies
  • (If we are supporting you with your prescription) Request your next prescription from your GP
  • Arrange your next delivery dependant on stock level, on your chosen date at a place that’s convenient for you


We are pleased to offer delivery text alerts giving you more say when it comes to arranging your delivery. Here’s how our new easy 6-step process works:
  1. Your Hospital2Home co-ordinator contacts you to arrange your next delivery
  2. You give us a date that is convenient for you to receive the delivery
  3. The night before your delivery is due, you receive a text message from your driver confirming the delivery for the next day
  4. On the day of your delivery you receive a text message from your named driver giving you a one hour time slot when they will deliver your order
  5. If that day is no longer convenient, you can re-arrange it there and then to a day that works better for you
  6. Your driver will then confirm the new day for your delivery

What if I don’t have a mobile phone?

No problem, you will continue to receive the great service you’re used to from us. When you speak to your co-ordinator every month, they’ll ask you for the most convenient day for your delivery.

What if Hospital2Home cannot get hold of me?

Your Hospital2Home co-ordinator will contact you in good time to arrange your delivery. If they are unable to contact you they will keep trying. If they are still unable to reach you and are concerned that you will run out of supplies, your healthcare professional will be notified.

Who will deliver my tube feeds?

Deliveries will be made by a company called DPD. Their drivers are trained to be aware of the importance of your deliveries.

What if I am not at home when the delivery arrives?

If you’re not in when our courier attempts to deliver your order, they’ll automatically re-arrange it for the next day or leave it in the safe place you’ve shared with us, if you’ve given us permission to do so.

How do I contact Hospital2Home?

If you have any questions please email

or call the Hospital2Home Freephone Helpline on 0800 018 3799 between the hours of:

8am–8pm Monday to Friday
9am–1pm on Saturday*.

Should you need to contact us outside of these hours, the Hospital2Home Freephone Helpline is available 24 hours a day in case of an emergency.

*excluding Bank Holiday weekends

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