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Let’s Simplify The Process Of Managing Malnutrition

We understand that the management of malnutrition can be seen as complex, and with complexity can come wastage.

With around 225 products to choose from1 , the cost and prescribing of oral nutritional supplements (ONS) can be difficult to manage. However, the risks of not managing malnutrition properly are real, with physical wastage for the patient, and economic wastage for the NHS.

What’s The Impact Of Malnutrition On Your Resources?

Patients who are malnourished are twice as likely to visit the GP, 3 times more likely to be admitted into hospital and stay in hospital 3 days longer than a well-nourished patients2.

With 10% of over 65s in the community with, or at risk of, malnutrition- roughly 4,000 per average CCG2-3*- that’s an incremental annual cost of £21.3 million in treating malnourished patients. With ever-tighter budgets, you can’t afford wastage.

To Better Manage Malnutrition, Complexity Must Be Minimised

Only Abbott can offer a simple product range with one unifying brand name, which can make following guidelines and product choice altogether easier. The Ensure range covers the majority of your patients’ needs with just four great tasting ONS, preferred by patients and trusted by HCPs.5-9**


Preferred by 7 out of 10 people7
For those who are able to make up their own drinks,
consume large volumes and purchase milk.

Click here for Ensure Shake product details.  

Significantly preferred to other ONS10
For those with a preference for milk-based drinks
to meet energy and nutrient requirements

Click here for Ensure Plus product details.  

99% compliance and minimal wastage9
For those who cannot consume large volumes.
Suitable for most patients and may aid compliance

Click here for Ensure Compact product details.  

For those who prefer juice-style drinks11
For those with a preference for
juice-style drinks and those with taste fatigue.

Click here for Ensure Plus juce product details. 

Let Us Help You Simplify The Process Of Managing Malnutrition

To arrange a meeting with your local account manager please email or call 0800 252 882.

*Assuming equal distribution of malnourished patients across Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in England.

** These four product categories represent nearly 80% of the total annual volume of ONS usage in the community.5


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