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Keep a Cool State of Mind

Embrace Summer With These Relaxing Techniques

Reviewed by Kacey Wilson, Contributing Editor

Sometimes beating the summer heat means keeping a cool state of mind. Instead of suffering through the heat, make the most of it by slowing yourself down and relaxing. Here are some tips for cooling off from the inside out by treating mind, body, and soul.

Take Deep Breaths for a Deeper Cool

There's nothing easier than breathing, but we rarely take the time for a deep, cleansing breath. The relaxing and cooling effect of deep breathing works on several levels. It forces you to stop what you're doing and concentrate on slowing down. Drawing a full breath also fills your lungs and allows you to relax certain muscles. The next time you're stressing over the heat, take the time for this simple step: Take 10 deep breaths without thinking about or doing anything else. You'll feel better in an instant.

Picture Yourself in a Cooler Place

Getting away from the heat may be as simple as imagining cooler surroundings. Find a favourite picture of a temperate place, whether it's a beautiful photograph of a park in spring or a nostalgic shot of loved ones on the beach. Imagine a breeze washing over the beach, cooling you with the ocean air. Think about the rhythmic sounds of the waves rolling in. Visualising yourself in these settings can help you feel calm and forget the heat.

Dress to De-Stress

This summer, go for carefree garments that let your body breathe. Loose-fitting, light-coloured, less formal clothing can help you feel more relaxed and may allow you to get the most out of the occasional breeze. Dress as if you're on holiday at the coast, and it becomes easy to feel the relaxing enjoyment of the heat. For some added cool, you may find peppermint to be as refreshing to the skin as it is to the mouth. Look for mint shower gels or lotions to keep your whole body cooler.

A balanced body temperature can be the difference between a blustery or breezy summer. Take the time to take cool care of yourself, and share these tips with friends and family to keep the whole group comfortable.

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