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Keep the Change

Simple Steps Can Save Money

Reviewed by Jane Matyac, Contributing Editor

Saving money doesn't require an elaborate plan. Just by making minor adjustments, you could end up with a substantial amount in your bank account.

Lose the Coffee

Skip the expensive coffee shop beverages two or three times a week and bank the money you save. Making your own coffee is worth a little extra time.

Limit Fast Food

Many fast-food meals are high in fat, with costs that add up fast. Occasionally, replace those meals with an Ensure® Nutritional Drink and a small homemade salad — it's budget-friendly and good for you, too. Click here to learn more.

Turn Off the Tap

Every time you leave water running while you brush your teeth or wash dishes, you're wasting costly litres of the wet stuff. Instead, turn off the tap and save on your bills.


  • Check your home for drafts that could be causing you to spend more on heating your home.
  • Instead of buying the latest books, check them out at the library.
  • Keep an attractive jar in a handy spot and empty your day's change into it.
  • Kick off your savings program with these ideas and see how small changes (and small change) can add up to big savings!

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