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And the Winner Is...

How Do You Score With Your Snack Choices?

Reviewed by Abby C. Sauer, MPH, RD, LD

You've just finished a meeting and missed your lunch. You race to the vending machine. While that chocolate looks inviting, with a little planning you can make winning choices by bringing pre-prepared foods from home.

Apples vs. Biscuits

A chocolate chip biscuit might seem like a great quick fix, but an apple has less than 100 calories. The biscuit has more than 300 calories and almost 300 mg of sodium. Plus, the apple's natural sugar won't give you an artificial "sugar high" that will make you hungrier later on.

Carrots vs. Chips

Gram for gram, carrots have more crunch and fewer calories than salty chips. With a "normal" serving of chips weighing in at more than 400 calories, compared to about 30 calories for carrots, you get more punch — and less paunch — with these tasty veggies.

Make It Easy to Snack Sensibly

The easiest way to make healthy food choices is to make it easy to choose.

  • Have a snack or occasional meal replacement, such as Ensure® nutritional drink. Learn more
  • Buy cut-up fruits and veggies in pre-packaged packets to carry with you.
  • Keep a package of dried fruit in your desk.
  • Stash a jar of peanut butter nearby for a great, protein-rich dip for fruits or veggies.
  • Choose whole-grain snack chips, microwave popcorn, or ready-to-eat, whole-grain cereals.

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