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Summer Workout at Sundown

The Night time Is the Right Time for Exercise

By Linda Swendal

When you're trying to fit exercise into your schedule, you may find that the summer heat is holding you back. So as the sun is setting and the day cools down, think about these tips for exercising outside in the cool summer evening.

Work Out to Wind Down

Think about using an evening of exercise as a relaxing end to a long, stressful day. You may find that unwinding with an outdoor jog can help you decompress and release stress from the day. And it may help you clear your head and get more focus for tomorrow morning.

Beat the Heat

In warmer summer months, evening exercise is a great way to avoid the heat and get some fresh air. In the evening, the temperature and humidity are lower and winds are often calmer. This may help you find more time to exercise and be an easier way to cool down after your workout without a drastic shift in temperature.

Stay Safe After Dark

Though evening and dusk present some safety concerns, taking the right steps can help you stay safe while you exercise. As dusk approaches, wear bright-colored clothing to help increase visibility in traffic. You may also want to find routes free of traffic, preferably well-lit areas. Start a buddy system with friends or family to find safety in numbers. Exercising with friends might make you more motivated to keep up with your exercise routine. Make it a way for you and your friends to relax, or a time to connect with your family.

As you get ready for an evening of exercise, make sure you have all of the right gear to keep you hydrated, healthy, and safe. Get out there and have a fit summer night!

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