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11th Week of Pregnancy

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Are You Glowing Yet?

Baby's Growth and Development at 11 Weeks Pregnant

By the 11th week of your pregnancy, all of your baby’s organs are in place. Your baby is ready to focus on growth, growth, growth! At 11 weeks pregnant:

  • When you’re 11 weeks pregnant, your baby is about 3.81cm long, about the length of your thumb from the knuckle to the tip.
  • From now until your halfway mark at 20 weeks of pregnancy, your baby will increase her weight by 30%.
  • The blood vessels in your placenta grow larger to prepare for this time of accelerated growth in your baby.
  • During the 11th week of your pregnancy, your baby's ears move to their permanent position.
  • Your baby's reproductive organs are developing. But it’s still a little early to find out whether it’s a girl or boy — gender isn’t clear on ultrasound until between the 16th and 20th weeks of pregnancy.

Your Changing Body at 11 Weeks Pregnant

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During your 11th week of pregnancy, your baby begins to grow more rapidly and your body keeps on adjusting to the changes ahead.

  • Pregnancy glow? Yes, it's real! You've heard that expectant mothers almost glow and you might be experiencing this yourself. This "glow" is thanks to your increased blood volume, which can cause skin to look slightly flushed and full. In addition, your body's hormones increase the amount of oils on your face, causing skin to look smoother with a slight shine. At this point you might want to consider switching to oil-free skin products, if you haven’t already.
  • Your uterus continues to expand during the 11th week of pregnancy to accommodate your baby's increasing size. You might even experience light twinges as this expansion continues.
  • By the 11th week of pregnancy many of the early symptoms of pregnancy, such as nausea, might be less severe.
  • Acne can also be an issue for pregnant women. As your body's increased oils provide your pleasant pregnancy glow, they also leave you more susceptible to acne. The good news? It's only temporary and should disappear after you give birth.

Dealing With Acne During Pregnancy

It sounds a little bit like the advice you got when you were 14, but it holds true now. You usually can prevent or control most acne issues during pregnancy with sensible skin care:

  • Wash your face two to three times a day with a gentle cleanser. Remember, your skin is more sensitive during pregnancy so if you aggressively scrub, it might irritate your skin further.
  • Be sure anything that touches your face is clean, including your hands. Try to keep your hair clean and off your face.
  • Make sure all of your moisturisers, skin care, and cosmetic products are oil-free. You might have to pitch a few favourites for now.
  • Drink as much water as you can and make healthy eating choices. You'll have a healthier body and clearer skin.
  • Be sure to check with your Healthcare Professional before using any acne medications. Some can be dangerous for your baby.

Wellness and Nutrition at 11 Weeks Pregnant

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When you’re 11 weeks pregnant, eating healthy, exercising regularly, and resting still top the list for keeping you and your unborn baby healthy. And it’s OK to be tired or feel exhausted — most women are more tired than usual while they’re pregnant. Your body works hard to produce hormones and more blood to support your baby's developing body. And your body's high level of progesterone directly impacts how sleepy you are.

Here are a few tips for fighting fatigue:

  • Remember to rest! It sounds simple, but you might be tempted to do more, not less, during this exciting time. Your body needs those naps or extra hours of sleep, so be sure to build them into your regular routine.
  • Avoid taking on extra commitments during this time.
  • Ask for help when you need it, whether it's around the house, on the job, or during your other activities.
  • Stay active. It might be hard to get motivated to move, but remember regular physical exercise will leave you feeling more energized.
  • Eat a balanced diet. It's more important now than ever to keep up with your iron, proteins, and additional calories.

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