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Abbott has been helping people live their best lives through good health for 130 years.

Through the passionate and thoughtful translation of science, Abbott has pioneered the development of innovative solutions to improve the health of people at every stage of life; from the newborn infant’s first milestones to the healthiest and most fulfilling lives possible as we age.

Abbott Nutrition was founded in 1903 and is a division of Abbott. Health care professionals and their patients trust us to provide science-based products that help meet changing nutritional needs. Every day, our global team of scientists works hard to discover and develop nutritional and related health care products to help people of all ages live their lives to the fullest.

Abbott Nutrition Canada supplies several industry-leading oral, enteral, and specialty nutritional products. Beyond the comprehensive Similac® line of infant products, Abbott also offers PediaSure®, complete, balanced nutritional products that support growth and development in children, and Pedialyte®, oral electrolyte solutions specially formulated to help prevent dehydration in children and adults. For adults, in addition to the market-leading Ensure® family of products, Abbott has developed a number of formulations that support the unique nutritional needs of people with chronic illnesses. This includes Glucerna®, for people with diabetes, and many more specialized nutritional products to meet the needs of Canadian patients.

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