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At Abbott Nutrition, we’re proud to have created products that help your patients along their nutritional and health journey. Our portfolio of brands nourish every stage of life for both pediatric and adult patients. These products have been driven by medical science in order to help people lead healthier lives and to enhance their quality of life. Here is a list of the brands we carry.


Ensure® is a liquid nutritional supplement that provides complete, balanced nutrition that includes: 

• Protein to help maintain strong muscles 
• Vitamins and minerals

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Glucerna® nutritional drinks and bars are specifically designed for people with diabetes. These products can help your patients achieve their nutritional goals.

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Jevity® is a nutritional formula designed to provide supplemental or sole-source nutrition for adults who are on short- or long-term tube feeding. Available in caloric densities of 1.0, 1.2, and 1.5 calories per milliliter, Jevity® formulas can also help meet patients’ daily protein and fibre needs.

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LiquiProtein® is a commercially sterile, extensively hydrolyzed liquid protein modular supplement indicated for use in preterm infants as a fortifier for human milk or infant formula, and in adults as a protein supplement for tube-fed patients.

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Abbott Nutrition metabolic medical foods are designed to help meet the specialized nutrient needs of patients who have an inherited metabolic disorder.

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Nepro® is a nutritionally complete liquid formula with a vitamin and mineral profile specifically designed for people with chronic or acute renal failure who require dialysis.

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Osmolite® is a complete, balanced, high-protein, isotonic, low-residue liquid formula for people requiring short- or long-term tube feeding.

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Pedialyte® is an oral rehydration solution that quickly restores fluids and electrolytes to help prevent dehydration* caused by diarrhea, vomiting, fever, travelling, heat, exercise, and occasional alcohol consumption.

* Mild to moderate dehydration.

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The PediaSure® family of products are formulated to provide a source of complete, balanced nutrition for children 1 to 13 years of age. The #1 pediatrician-recommended brand, PediaSure is clinically proven to help kids grow.

† Clinically shown to help children aged 3-4 grow out of at-risk weight percentiles in 8 weeks when given 2 servings/day in conjunction with dietary counseling. Canadian formulation differs slightly from the PediaSure® used in the study. 

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Promote® is a very-high-protein liquid formula for people who may have increased protein needs relative to their estimated calorie requirements.

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Similac® offers a diverse portfolio of scientifically formulated preterm and term infant formulas, including the most comprehensive line of human milk fortification options in Canada, to help meet the growth and development needs of Canadian infants.

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Suplena® is specialized nutrition designed to help meet the nutrient needs of non-dialyzed people with chronic kidney disease that requires protein, electrolyte, and fluid restrictions.

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TwoCal® HN is a nutritionally complete, high-calorie formula designed to meet the needs of people with increased protein and calorie requirements and for people who require low-volume feedings.

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Peptide-based nutrition designed to help support absorption and tolerance in patients with impaired gastrointestinal function and/or feeding intolerance.

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